Why Many International Students Study In Singapore

Many international students study in Singapore. Here are some of the reasons why many parents send their kids to schools and for education in Singapore. If you are the parent of a student studying currently in Singapore, or are currently an international student and want to live in Singapore for the long term, this article talks if international students can get a PR in Singapore.

Without further ado, let us discuss why many international students have their education and studies in SG.

First and foremost, Singapore is well known to have one of the best education systems in the world. According to almost every single poll and independent study, it is agreed that Singapore’s educational system churns out some of the best technical minds in the world. While some may argue this may stifle some creativity, there is no ambiguity about the Singaporeans’ success when it comes to topics like Mathematics, Science and more.

Secondly, the entire country has a very competitive culture. Every one wants to win every one else in almost every thing. People take rankings in schools extremely seriously, and this comes to competitive Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) such as sports too. Some parents do not like this level of competitiveness. However, remember that diamonds are forged under pressure! As long as your kids are competitive in the right things, then being extremely competitive is a very good thing. International students or children of parents who just migrated to Singapore as a permanent resident or E pass will love studying in Singapore if they are competitive by nature.

Third of all, as long as you are a permanent resident in Singapore, you would be able to enroll in any school, including top schools like Raffles Institution or Hwa Chong if your results qualify for it. These are the equivalent of top private schools in Western countries, but the good news is that the school fees are still cheap, and not even close to that of top private schools in other countries. While school fees for international students can be more expensive than that of citizens, it is still very affordable! Therefore, international students are able to study in these top educational institutions in Singapore as long as their results allow them to do so. Ability to pursue education in good schools in Singapore is dependent on the student himself or herself, and not their parents’ financial ability.

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