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Appeal Letter To ICA For PR Rejection In Singapore

Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) receives increasingly and significantly more PR applications than permanent residencies is allowed to give out yearly to successful PR applicants. This means that most of the people who apply to be a permanent resident in Singapore are going to be rejected – even if one were to just look at simple demand and supply. Therefore, getting a permanent resident application rejected is not the end of the world, and quite normal. If you want indepth help and advice, you might want to try Dream Immigration Singapore for appeal matters related to Singapore PR application, as they provide excellent immigrations and permanent residence related help in Singapore.

However, here are some help before you try sending out an appeal letter, or resubmit your application to ICA.

First and foremost – did you even change anything within your application? Most people simply send in an appeal letter to ICA when they get PR rejection. While it is possible that ICA made a human error and rejected your application when it should have been an approval for you, the chances of that are next to zero. This is because ICA is very strict on approving new permanent resident statuses nowadays, and have teams of people working on this. While a rejection does not necessarily mean that your profile is very far off from being able to be approved, it definitely means there is something wrong or not ideal within your profile. Therefore, immediately appealing to ICA without improving your profile is akin to making a mistake in an exam, and instead of correcting the mistake, you ask the teacher to reward you the marks for it instead – it does not happen. Also do not think about bribery in Singapore – it is treated with very seriously. There are old cases which have only recently been found out, and those permanent residents who got their PR status over a decade ago also got prosecuted and jailed. Do not try it.

Instead, accept the fact that there is probably something wrong within your application, or that your profile is not strong enough. If you are truly careful with your submission, and provided the necessary documents to back up your claims, then it is likely that you got rejected not due to something being wrong with your PR application, but simply your profile not being as strong compared to others.

The ICA looks at lots of different criteria when it comes to approval – though one cannot deny that the PR applicant’s career and hence salary and number of years living and working in Singapore is one of the most important factors. There are also some relatively less known factors when it comes to permanent residence approval like social integration in Singapore, and more. Do work on them in the meantime too, or provide them to ICA with proof to improve your profile.

Did you literally just arrive in Singapore on an E pass or S pass for less than a few months, and so quickly already applying for PR? While there is a possibility that you can get approved, for the vast majority of people, it takes more than that. The higher your income, the more established the company you work for, and the longer you do so in Singapore, the more likely you will get approved.

As you can tell, it takes time to improve one’s profile, to stand the highest chances of approval after you appeal against your PR rejection. However, this is way better than not admitting mistakes, and then failing to be a permanent resident even after over years or decades of appealing! Do not unnecessarily waste time, money and effort!

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How To Use Nationalism Sentiments To Your PR Application Advantage

Here is a great piece of advice on how you can make use of growing nationalism sentiments to your advantage when it comes to applying for a permanent residence in Singapore.

Even though many people may see such a trend as a negative for applicants trying to become new permanent residents in Singapore, I say it is an advantage. You just need to leverage it the right and ethical way.

First of all, why do you want to migrate, live in, work and become a permanent resident in Singapore? Everyone has slightly different reasons, but there must be a common underlying reason – you like it in Singapore. Any logical person would only want to apply for a permanent residence in Singapore if they like Singapore.

Moving on to the next point, what is nationalism all about? It is basically about the identification with one’s own nation – Singapore in this case, and support for its interests ahead of other citizens and people of other nationalities! Therefore, these nationalists are also people who love SG – same as you.

Do you see where we are headed now? Actually, everyone – you and existing citizens and permanent residents love the same things and have the same goals. Everyone loves Singapore, and wants the benefits that one gets when one is a local resident here too. Chances are, you too, love the local culture, community and more!

Therefore, why not do some more integration efforts into the society like you already like, by joining grassroots and perhaps being leaders in them too? Since you already feel strongly for it, doing so should feel very easy to you also. Additionally, it will help improve your profile when it comes to ICA deciding whether or not to approve your PR application.

As you can tell from above, you can really turn any so-called detriment to your advantage. As long as Singapore continues to accept new PR applicants, and as long as you are able to work to separate your PR application apart from others – you can stand a chance of PR status approval!