Social Integration In Singapore City State To Get A PR

multi racial Singapore

Many new PR applicants in Singapore make use of the Professionals, Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers, PTS scheme. However, with so many people competing alongside you, just having slightly higher wages or having a slight educational edge over other PR applicants may not necessarily be enough to put you over the cut, as there is a limit of roughly 30,000 new permanent residents granted Singapore permanent residence yearly as of now, and which may even reduce in future as SG reaches its projected population.

If you are considering to stay in SG, but not sure, here is a good read on how it is like living in Singapore for a year, before you decide to plant roots here. And after a few years if you like it, you can stay on for long as a PR.

With such fierce competition, how can you make your application truly stand out?

Perhaps many people are familiar with the concept of assimilation and social integration in Singapore, but how many of them can demonstrate this clearly to ICA during their Singapore citizenship journey? Keep in mind that just because you have lots of friends in Singapore, does not mean a thing at all to ICA authorities. From their point of view, concrete proof is everything. Additionally, PR applicant tries to tell ICA the same thing, so how can you truly stand out?

We believe that while having a stable career, living in Singapore for several years first and also a good prior education are strong factors to help you, clearly demonstrating successful social integration effort and success into various social networks into the local society is a great way for you to set yourself apart from other immigrants. This is especially important because cultural diversity in Singapore is always encouraged as it is a heavily multi racial country.

What are some steps that you can take today to help improve your profile for a permanent residence?

When you are ready, you can do some of the following.

Social integration in Singapore

While there are no publicly mentioned practices of ICA of using social integration as a factor when it comes to them approving PR applications, it can be a differentiating factor. Though social integration is not a strong enough case to overcome a weak profile such as barely there salary and educational levels, it can be especially useful for applications which ICA is on the fence about, and demonstrating that with clear proof can be the pushing point resulting in the approval of your status over others.

Join some Singapore social grassroot groups

For example, you could join some social grassroot groups in community centres, your university, and more. However, the key for your efforts to be more easily recognized is to take on some leadership positions. Learning how to be a grassroots leader in Singapore can be a very good idea for you in this case. You may not have the time to be a leader in all of these groups you join, therefore, you want to pick a few prominent social groups, join them and take on leadership positions in these groups. Make sure that your work can be reflected in some form of paperwork.

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