How To Use Nationalism Sentiments To Your PR Application Advantage

Singapore nationalism

Here is a great piece of advice on how you can make use of growing nationalism sentiments to your advantage when it comes to applying for a permanent residence in Singapore.

Even though many people may see such a trend as a negative for applicants trying to become new permanent residents in Singapore, I say it is an advantage. You just need to leverage it the right and ethical way.

First of all, why do you want to migrate, live in, work and become a permanent resident in Singapore? Everyone has slightly different reasons, but there must be a common underlying reason – you like it in Singapore. Any logical person would only want to apply for a permanent residence in Singapore if they like Singapore.

Moving on to the next point, what is nationalism all about? It is basically about the identification with one’s own nation – Singapore in this case, and support for its interests ahead of other citizens and people of other nationalities! Therefore, these nationalists are also people who love SG – same as you.

Do you see where we are headed now? Actually, everyone – you and existing citizens and permanent residents love the same things and have the same goals. Everyone loves Singapore, and wants the benefits that one gets when one is a local resident here too. Chances are, you too, love the local culture, community and more!

Therefore, why not do some more integration efforts into the society like you already like, by joining grassroots and perhaps being leaders in them too? Since you already feel strongly for it, doing so should feel very easy to you also. Additionally, it will help improve your profile when it comes to ICA deciding whether or not to approve your PR application.

As you can tell from above, you can really turn any so-called detriment to your advantage. As long as Singapore continues to accept new PR applicants, and as long as you are able to work to separate your PR application apart from others – you can stand a chance of PR status approval!

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